LASIK: About the Excimer Laser

Dr. Hirsch uses the VISX Staar S4 ActiveTrak ™ Excimer Laser for LASIK vision correction procedures. The innovative ActiveTrak ™ technology allows monitoring of eye movement in all three dimensions without pupil dilation, which means more precise control for the doctor and less stress for the patient . Variable Spot Beam technology gives the doctor greater flexibility, with seven separate beams ranging from 0.65 to 6.5 millimeters in size providing faster, smoother treatment and highly accurate corneal shaping. Plus, VSS™ (Variable Spot Scanning) technology adds a blend zone that helps smooth the cornea, increasing the ablation (treatment) zone by 51 percent. This transition provides a gradual change from the treatment area to the non-treated corner, resulting in clearer, sharper vision, especially in low light conditions .